Our Portfolio

Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH is an biopharmaceutical company from Tuebingen/Germany. Based on proprietary technologies, immatics identifies and validates novel drug candidates for therapeutic use in a range of cancer diseases. Drug candidates are based on short immunogenic peptides with the capacity to stimulate the patient's immune system. Apart from rapid clinical development in the field of renal cell carcinoma, immatics additionaly strives to identify novel peptide antigens in conjunction with other common types of cancer..

Trigen is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company, with operations in London and Munich, and a leader in cardiovascular drug discovery and development, focusing on thrombosis and vascular dysfunction. The company's product pipeline includes clinical stage candidates, TGN 255, TGN 167 and PR-15 and it also has an extensive portfolio of exciting preclinical and discovery stage programmes targeting thrombosis, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular pathologies. Trigen has a broad and complementary array of skills enabling it to execute programmes efficiently from early discovery stage through to late-stage clinical development and commercialisation.

4-Antibody AG is a Swiss biotechnology company concentrating on the development and optimization of human therapeutic antibodies by means of a new patented technology platform. The company was founded in December 2002 as a spin off of the University of Basel. Today 4-Antibody has got 16 employees who work at the headquarters in Basel and at subsidiaries in Jena and Germany. At the premises of Jena so-called antibody libraries are being generated which help to efficiently develop new therapeutic antibodies.

Nanosolar will become a global leader in solar power innovation. Incorporated in 2001, Nanosolar is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and positions itself with a very simple mission: "A solar panel on every building."

Conergy AG was founded in 1998 and ranges among Europe's leading suppliers for renewable energy systems, with particular emphasis on solar power (photovoltaics). The Conergy group develops, sells and produces solar power components and also realises major projects. Conergy thus combines various value-added chains with distributive channels. Meanwhile the company was chosen one of Germany's most strongly growing technology enterprises.

Focused on Linux system platform for mobile phones, a la Mobile offers the industry's only open Linux system platform for wireless handsets and a "One stop" service - integration, customization, certification, maintenance and migration.

U.S.-based RELDATA Inc. is a leading provider of unified IP SAN/NAS storage gateway appliances, enabling the cost-effective set-up of converged IP SAN/NAS storage-on-demand solutions as well as block- and file-level data replication solutions in the areas of storage consolidation, remote backup and disaster recovery. The Linux-based storage management appliance allows the easy consolidation of arbitrary disk arrays and tape libraries as well as a flexible IP SAN/NAS extension of established FC SANs. RELDATA Europe is a member of the European Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).

AIS develops, produces and markets innovative traffic telematics systems such as mobile devices, software and services for navigation, positioning and tracking. Mobile devices offered by AIS are for example smart phones, scanners and pocket pcs as well as on-board-computers. AIS provides ideal solutions from equipment and communication devices up to application software and service supply so that the customer can profit from one-stop-solutions.

United Mobile allows customers to make outgoing calls at worldwide low rates (from 19p per minute) and receive free incoming calls in over 80 countries. Among these are the EU members, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates - countries where an incoming call can cost 1,40 up to 2,00 GBP per minute. With United Mobile users save up to 80%.

MFD is the first company that realises mobile television for the mass market. MFD has successfully acquired the relevant licenses in Germany, negotiated content-contracts with leading TV stations and created a platform basing on internationally established state-of-the-art technologies and end devices. As a leading integrator and service provider MFD develops business concepts that combine the interests of their partners from media and telecommunications with compelling offers for end users.