• I know many cases, when the money was stolen from accounts. What are your guarantees ?
    Unlike many other hyip, we pay directly to the e-currency account. Transactions and accounts database is kept away from the site itself, and, in case you have some problems with the access to the site (for instance, intense ddos attack), that will no way reflect on the payments.
  • The majority of the same sites provide the sign in blank and sign off blank. Why don't you have this ?
    It's because of the safety. Firstly, all the deposits which go through E-currency are protected. Secondly, nobody won't be able to break the system and take your assets invested in RebirthInvestmentProperty, because you don't have to register inside the system. Thirdly, because of this, you don't have an additional password, which you can tell somebody.
  • Who will run the program when you go to hospital ?
    Yes, we have staff that can take care of things.
  • Will you divulge my e-mail ?
    No. Your e-mail are safe.
  • Have you created a backup fund in case your efforts fail ?
    Yes, we have funds in place and will continue to grow them as and when we need to cater for a larger client base.
  • Do you have DDOS protection ?
    Yes, we have Level 1 Protection.