Anti Spam Policy

RebirthInvestmentProperty strictly prohibits the sending of unsolicited mass e-mails of any kind. If a member is reported for "spamming", RebirthInvestmentProperty will investigate and terminate the Customer's account with all funds on it and make them ineligible for a new account. This includes clients who have investment account with RebirthInvestmentProperty and affiliates who earn money by referring others.

What Does Spamming Mean?
Spamming mean sending unsolicited and unauthorized e-mails to businesses and individuals who do not know You personally and have not agreed to receive your messages.

Take Action
If You received e-mails promoting our website, please be aware that it DID NOT COME FROM US!!!
RebirthInvestmentProperty is NOT affiliated with any third party. WE NEVER SENT SPAM!

Please report spamming to our Customer Service! Be sure to include the following in your report: a copy of the spam e-mail, full spam email header.